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The Land of Ten Thousand Lakes

Here are some of my favorite tourist attractions:

The Mall of America

     In 1982 Both the Twins and the Vikings left Met stadium in Bloomington, MN. in order to go to Minneapolis. When both teams had left, the city of Bloomington was left with 78 acres of land in an excellent location. After several years of planning, the Ghermezian brothers signed an agreement with Bloomington Port Authority to begin the design and developement of the Nation's largest retail and entertainment center. Then, In August of 1992, the Mall of America opened its doors with 330 new stores including: Bloomingdale's, Sear's, Macy's and Nordstrom's. It also was the beginning of jobs for over 10,000 employees.
     The Mall of America is definitely the greatest shopping destination in the country. Today you can watch a movie, ride a rollercoaster, walk alongside sharks, or even meet a celebrity. This is definitely one place that should be on your vacation list!

For more information or to plan a visit please click this link.

The Ellington Car Museum

     The Ellington Car Museum is the place to go to fulfill all of your classic car inquiries and desires. The Museum boasts over 90 vehicles from the early 20's up to the muscle cars of the 70's and 80's. You can also browse through historic videos , pictures, memorabilia, and a doll collection. There is also a gift shop that with hundreds of gift items, along with over 600 titles of automotive books, reference manuals, and magazines. You should also make sure to sit down and relax with with an old fashioned malt at Clarabelle's Ice Cream Parlor.

For more information on the Ellington Car Museum please click this link.

Spam Museum

     Come to wonderful Austin, MN and visit the fantastic SPAM museum. A breathtaking 16,500 sqaure-foot building where you can learn everything there is to know about SPAM. You join in a wide variety of interactive games and check out some fun exhibits and remarkable video presentations.

The Metrodome

Here are a few fun facts about the metrodome:

  • The Metrodome is the only stadium to have hosted The Super Bowl, MLB's All star game, two World Series, and Mens NCAA Final Four basketball.
  • Out of over 300 mahor events a year, less than 100 are held by professional sports teams. Others are held by a variety of things from concerts to high school and college events.
  • More than half a million people have come to The Metrodome to see concerts alone.


A Lilly and Jason Klawitter presentation.